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CHOU (sho͞o): From the french expression “c’est chou,” commonly used to mean cute, fun, nice and sweet. 


In 2016, I left a career as a photographer and found creative freedom in ceramics.

Born and raised in Montreal, I now call Oaxaca home. The sun-drenched city in the south of Mexico is rich in natural beauty and has a vibrant, centuries-old culture of craft. I make the jewelry at home, on a plant-filled terrace that serves as my studio. 


Using minimalist geometric shapes and soothing, soft hues, Chou pieces capture the expansivity and the quiet beauty of Mother Earth. My hope is that they summon the sense of tranquility one feels in the presence of natural beauty. 


Fashioned from ancient materials but designed with a modern aesthetic, Chou pieces are adaptable. They’re elegant enough for special occasions but also a perfect companion for the quotidian. 


As Chou has grown from a one-woman project to a small team of skilled employees, its mission has expanded. I hope to make Chou a catalyst for positive change in my community, by treating employees equitably and by creating a space that provides opportunities for independence, empowerment, and exchanges of values and knowledge.


When you purchase a piece from Chou, you can be confident that it has been made with care for the workers, the environment, and the community from which it came.

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